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JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. of Springfield, MO provides solutions that reduce complexity within your IT infrastructure. We deliver architectures that will allow your company to do more with less. We help simplify data management challenges, leverage existing investments infrastructure, and virtualizes your environment to increase utilization of human capital resources.

Our focus centers on increasing utilization within an organization. Often we find that by leveraging existing investments across multiple areas of infrastructure our architectures increase current utilization by over 50%. This type of utilization increase usually allows for payback on our solutions in short and efficient time frame.

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  • Computer and network support
  • Server management and hosted servers
  • Cisco product showcase
  • Computer backup and offsite storage
  • Computer security and power management

We reduce the complexity within your IT infrastructure by simplifying data management, simplifying server management, and accelerating the network. Our specialty is defining the solution to allow you to leverage your existing investments while increasing utilization of human capital and equipment.

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JMARK Business Solutions, Inc. Springfield, MO
JMARK Business Solutions, Inc.

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